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About Me

Welcome to my project site. My name is Brad and I roll with a group called "P.I.N.K." (Paranormal Investigators Of Northern Kentucky). The files and information here are my personal files, and not all are authorized by the group. PINK and myself have been featured in a book written by Karen Laven (Cincinnati Ghosts), and on TV news station WCPO, where they undoubtedly made a, "Who ya gonna call" reference. It's the epitomy of geek hobbies, and the field is lacking, well, let's just say a lot of credibility. It's a fascinating thing to experience and learn about, therefore it's fun. Profiteering from it sort of offends me in a spiritual/ethical manner. It's apparent we're completely oblivious still, to something that would trigger a change in human evolution/direction. I hope the knowledge gained and repositories of good evidence serves a good purpose some day. So here is my on-going contribution

Burlington, KY Home Investigation

This was a private investigation in the historic area of Burlington Kentucky, near Florence and the CVG Airport. Any identifying information about the private residence will be kept confidential here.

We were called to this home in Burlington Kentucky by a man who had two close female relatives living in a home there, where the elderly woman was having problems sleeping at night due to being touched, poked and grabbed about her ankles. She seemed a bit distraught by the whole ordeal, and there were also reports of apparitions…one of a “fisherman” in over-alls, and a woman in a “pioneer dress.” The home was built in 1978, and existed on a quiet, suburban street. There were a couple of other sightings such as objects being manipulated, a bright light appearing on the wall or through a closet door, as well. We did have an experience where a bright light came in through the closed master bedroom door, that seemed similar to the client’s claims, but couldn’t rule out Jon shining a flaslight out in the hallway (we doubt it was him, as it appeared “inside the room” with the door closed, can only hope the camera in there caught something).

At one point late, I clearly heard someone walking either above or in front of me, and caught it on video (coming). Too bad the footsteps are barely audible on the camera’s audio, it was much more obvious in-person. Everyone else was seated in the master bedroom at the time. There were several claims of shadows peaking around corners etc..,, but no way to verify that, and two team members claimed to be touched by something “spidery” on the bed where the elderly woman was repeatedly touched.

In any case, I did record what appear to be 4 fairly solid EVP’s. Is this house active? Yes, I believe so.